Anti-Bullying Policy

 Anti-Bullying Policy 

Download PDF – Anti-Bullying Policy 2019

At Darrick Wood Infant School we believe that every pupil, member of staff, parent/carer and visitor has a right:

1. To a secure and safe environment;
2. To enjoy a positive atmosphere of trust and co-operation;
3. To be an individual at school;
4. To be respected and treated with kindness;
5. To expect their property to be safe.

Every pupil has the right to learn in a supportive, caring and safe environment.

In order to help secure the above, bullying is not tolerated at the school.

Bullying is the willful conscious desire to hurt, threaten or frighten someone else. All bullying is aggression, either verbal or psychological, although not all aggression is necessarily bullying. It can happen anywhere – at school, at home or online. Usually repeated over a long period of time and can hurt a child both physically and emotionally.

Bullying that happens online, using social networks and mobile phones, is often called cyberbullying. A child can feel like there is no escape because it can happen wherever they are, at any time day or night. (Please see E-Safety Policy).

Bullying includes (as referred to on the NSPCC website :

1. repeated physical bullying (such as hitting, kicking etc)
2. repeated name calling, teasing and taunting (verbal abuse)
3. hand signs or text messages (non-verbal abuse)
4. emotional abuse – threatening, intimidating or humiliating
5. exclusion such as ignoring or isolating someone
6. undermining by constant criticising someone or spreading rumours
7. controlling or manipulating someone
8. extortion (taking snacks, lunch money, deliberately damaging another’s school work or equipment)
9. online or cyberbullying
10. racist, sexual or homophobic bullying – see Equality policy

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