Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

“Our learning community respects, nurtures and inspires!”

The aim of the behaviour policy is to fulfil the duty of care to all pupils by determining the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, the hierarchy of rewards and sanctions and how they will be fairly and consistently applied.

Our ultimate aim is for each child to become a responsible, caring person with a strong sense of self-respect and self discipline. We believe that this is best achieved by creating a school environment in which the social skills of politeness, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, care and kindness flourish. Therefore social training has a high priority at Darrick Wood Infant School and Nursery, being part of the overall curriculum, and we set certain guidelines for children, which we expect them to observe.We have a number of school expectations regarding behaviour:
We expect children to…

  • Walk around the school quietly
  • Always have manners and be polite
  • Take care of the school and each other
  • ‘Give way’ to adults
  • Listen to all adults in school
  • Not call out
  • Come into and out of assembly silently
  • Be kind and helpful
  • Address teachers by their name (‘Miss …’, not ‘teacher’)
  • Respect adults and peers
  • Be honest and truthful

We also have high expectations of children’s behaviour when off of the school premises, including:

  • Good order on all transport to and from school, educational visits or learning opportunities in other schools
  • Good behaviour on the way to and from school
  • Positive behaviour which does not threaten the health, safety or welfare of our pupils, staff, volunteers or members of the public
  • Reassurance to members of the public about school care and control over pupils in order to protect the reputation of the school
  • Protection for individual staff and pupils from harmful conduct by pupils of the school when not on the school site
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