Behaviour Policy

Behaviour Policy

Our school has adopted a positive approach to discipline. All pupils are treated the same and we have high expectations of all the children. All members of staff deal with any inappropriate behaviour fairly and consistently.

The children need to know exactly where the boundaries are and what happens if they step over them. Behaviour expectations are, therefore, taught to children on a regular basis so that children know exactly:

  • What is expected of them
  • What the consequences are before they misbehave

“Our learning community respects, nurtures and inspires!”

The aim of the behaviour policy is to fulfil the duty of care to all pupils by determining the boundary between acceptable and unacceptable behaviour, the hierarchy of rewards and sanctions and how they will be fairly and consistently applied.
Our ultimate aim is for each child to become a responsible, caring person with a strong sense of self-respect and self-discipline. We believe that this is best achieved by creating a school environment in which the social skills of politeness, honesty, courtesy, tolerance, care and kindness flourish. Therefore social training has a high priority at Darrick Wood Infant School and Nursery, being part of the overall
curriculum, and we set certain guidelines for children, which we expect them to observe.


  • To encourage the recognition of good behaviour
  • To provide a consistently applied set of expectations
  • To provide a positive atmosphere in the school
  • To provide a well structured environment
  • To provide early intervention so misbehaviour does not escalate
  • To teach the child to be responsible for his/her actions
  • By having logical steps of consequences, to provide a distinction between minor and major misbehaviour
  • To prevent bullying
  • To regulate the conduct of pupils
  • To have a high level of expectation in behaviour and work
  • To encourage outstanding behaviour and effort so that it is rewarded and used as a model for others to follow

Read the full policy here.

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