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Lunchtime Awards

We have implemented a new lunchtime award system. The children have recently created their own playground rules in discussions with Miss Jones.


The rules are listed below:


Playground Rules

Be kind to everyone                      No hurting people


Look after the playground and the play equipment


If someone is hurt try to help them                       Only go to first Aid if you are hurt


Always use kind hands, feet and kind words


Positive play and behaviour is always encouraged and modelled during playtimes and these rules wil further enhance this.


During Lunchtimes, our Supervisors monitor the children closely and award children who are following the rules and displaying acts of kindness and friendship with a raffle ticket. These tickets are then entered into a prize draw on a Friday which is called in assembly. The children's names who are picked out are awarded a special prize. Please be assured that the Supervisors will be ensuring that raffle tickets are distributed fairly to all children