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All applicants have a statutory right of appeal in the event that their prefered school is unable to offer them a place. Appeal for Admission forms are available from the school's Independant Appeal Clerk. Please contact Darrick Wood Infant School office for further details.

Infant class size Legislation places a duty on local authorities to ensure that no child is taught in an infant class size of more than 30 children. There are only certain circumstances under which an appeal panel can uphold an appeal for a school. For further details please see the Primary Admission Appeals   page @ www.bromley.gov.uk.

Any appeal will be heard by an independant appeals panel and the decision will be communicated by the Independant Clerk to the school and parents and is binding on the Admission Authority/Governing body. There is no further right of appeal. Parents who are dissatisfied with the decision may seek a judicial reveiw or have their case investigated by the Local Government Ombudsman. Please note that the Ombudsman cannot overturn an appeal decision but may make recommendations for a suitable remedy.