Child Protection Policy

Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy 

Designated Safeguarding Lead: Andrea Rampton (Headteacher)

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Penny Stephenson (Senior Leader Teacher and Inclusion Lead), Gillian Gordon (Class Teacher) and Ben Broughton (Assistant Headteacher)

Designated Governor for Child Protection/Safeguarding: John Woods (Community Governor)

1. Introduction

This Child Protection Policy forms part of a suite of documents and policies which relate to the safeguarding responsibilities of the school.

In particular this policy should be read in conjunction with the Safer Recruitment Policy, Behaviour Policy, Physical Intervention Policy, Anti-Bullying Policy, Code of Conduct/Staff Behaviour Policy, E-safety Policy and ICT Acceptable Usage Policy.

2. Purpose of the Policy

To inform staff, parents, volunteers and governors about the school’s responsibilities for safeguarding children.

To enable everyone to have a clear understanding of how these responsibilities should be carried out.

The governors and staff of Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School fully recognises the responsibility it has to the safeguarding and protection of all pupils. All governors and staff, including volunteers, have a full and active part to play in protecting children and young people from harm.

All staff and governors believe that our school should provide a caring, positive, safe and stimulating environment which promotes the social, physical, health and well being and moral development of individual pupils.

3. School Staff & Volunteers

All school and college staff have a responsibility to provide a safe environment in which children can learn.

School staff and volunteers are particularly well placed to observe outward signs of abuse, changes in behaviour and failure to develop because they have daily contact with children.

All school staff will receive appropriate safeguarding children training in line with Keeping children Safe in Education September 2016, so that they are knowledgeable and aware of their role in the early recognition of the indicators of abuse or neglect and of the appropriate procedures to follow. In addition all staff members should receive safeguarding and child protection updates (for example, via email, e-bulletins and staff meetings), as required, but at least annually, to provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively.

Temporary staff and volunteers will be made aware of the safeguarding policies and procedures by the Designated Safeguarding Lead -including Child Protection Policy and staff behaviour policy (code of conduct)

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