Friends of Darrick Wood Infant School (FODWIS) is the Parent Teacher Association and a registered charity. FODWIS brings parents and staff together to collaborate in organising activities and events, which directly raise funds for the school. With the school’s help we identify resources and equipment which will best support our children’s learning and enhance their experience at school.

The aim of FODWIS for the coming year is to focus on more enriching activities, such as, musical instruments, physical play and exploring the world around us. We are also keen to ensure that that funds raised benefit the children as quickly as possible, so that our pupils get to make the most of the new resources their parents and carers have contributed to throughout the year. 

Fundraising to date:

Since the current committee was formed in September 2018 we have raised over £15,000 for the school.

The monies raised so far have purchased:

  • Sports and play equipment
  • Fish tank
  • Materials for the art festival
  • Animal handling event for reception
  • Online music packages for classrooms
  • Christmas entertainers and gifts two years in row and a Father Christmas visit
  • New set of African drums 
  • Revamped forest school

We have also allocated a substantial sum to pay for new playground equipment and the school garden.

Key calendar dates:
  • 13th February – Heart treasure hunt after school
  • 24th February – Mother’s Day Competition
  • 5th March – World Book Day Ball – Year 1 and 2
  • 2nd April – Easter Fair and raffle
Meet the committee:

There are five current committee members, but we also have a large network of volunteers, while each class has a FODWIS class rep who keeps parents and carers informed of events and activities.


Read our recent newsletters:

January 2020

November 2019


Contact us:

If you are a parent or carer who would like to get involved with FODWIS; if you have any fundraising ideas, or perhaps you are a local business who would like to partner with us please drop us a line on:

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