Governor Allowances

Governor’s Allowances

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As allowed by the education (Governors’ Allowances) Regulations

The Governing Body considers that, as a general principle, governors should not be out of pocket as a result of carrying out their duties as governors. It has therefore agreed that expenses may be claimed as set out below.

A. Governors are permitted to claim legitimate expenses on the following basis:

1. Governors must actually incur the expenditure if claimed, for the sole purpose of enabling them to perform and official duty required of them as governor.

2. Governors cannot claim attendance allowance or for loss of earnings.

3. All categories of governors can apply for allowances.

4. Governors’ allowances will be paid from the school’s delegated budget.

B. Allowances may be claimed if previously agreed by the Head teacher, Chairman of Governors and Chairman of Finance Committee in the following circumstances:

1. Where governors are asked to represent the governing body at any function away from the school, reasonable travel allowance may be claimed in line with the agreed schedule of allowances overleaf.

2. Where a governor has to pay for childcare, babysitting or the care of an elderly or dependent relative in order to be able to attend a meeting in school or elsewhere, the actual costs can be reimbursed provided that the services of a registered childminder are used in the case of childcare of babysitting. It should be noted that the governing body would expect such care normally to be provided by the governor’s family at no costs.

3. Expenses may be claimed to assist any governor with special needs to carry out his/her duties.

4. Governors required to produce documentation at home can claim reimbursement for any materials which cannot be provided by the school.

C. The procedure for reimbursement of claims is as follows:

1. All claims must be submitted to the Chairman of Governors within 14 days of their being incurred, using the official form obtained from the school office. Receipts for all expenditure should be attached to the claim form.

2. The claim must be approved by the Head teacher, Chairman of Governors and Chairman of Finance Committee prior to reimbursement of the claim being made.

3. All claims which have been approved will be reimbursed after they have been incurred – no claims can be made in advance of payment being made, except where payments for advance bookings are required.

(referred to in paragraph B1)

Petrol at the current rate paid to staff using their cars for school business
Actual cost of train, bus of taxi cab journey (receipt to be provided)



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