Nursery Admission Policy

Nursery Admission Policy

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With the agreement of the Governing Body of Darrick Wood Infant and Nursery School the Admission Policy of the Nursery is stated below:

Darrick Wood Infant & Nursery School is committed to providing an education and environment which offers equality in opportunities and freedom from discrimination. We believe that all pupils and members of staff should have the opportunity to fulfil their potential whatever their background, identity and circumstances. We are committed to creating a community that recognises and celebrates difference within a culture of respect and co-operation.

As the Nursery does not have a defined catchment area, all parents are eligible to register their child’s name.

Admission Criteria

If there are more requests from parents/carers than the number of places available the following criteria will apply and the amount of time a child has been on the waiting list will not be taken into consideration. Places are allocated there times per year in advance of the term the children are due to start. At this point all names on the list will be assessed according to the criteria.

Places are allocated according to

1. Child Looked After (CLA) (Children in Public Care) (see note 1).
2. Siblings – Children who have a brother or sister at the preferred school at the beginning of their first term (see note 2).
3. Children of staff at the academy
a) Where the member of staff has been employed at the academy for two or more years at the time at which the application of admission to the academy is made and/or
b) The member of staff is recruited to fill a vacant post for which there is a demonstrable skill shortage.
4. Proximity – proximity as measured in a straight line from the front door of the home to the front door of the school (see note 3 and 4).


1. A child looked after (CLA) is a child who is in care to a local authority or who is provided with accommodation by that authority and will still be looked after when at the time an application for their admission to a school is made, and who the local authority has confirmed will still be looked after at the time when the child is admitted to the school. Children placed by the Local Authority by a Kinship or residency order are NOT classed as child looked after.
2. Sibling refers to brother or sister, half brother or sister, adopted brother or sister, step brother or sister, or the child of the parent/carer’s partner, and in every case, the child should be living in the same family unit at the same address.The elder sibling must still be on roll at the school when the younger child starts school.
3. “Home” being where the child normally resides as their only or principal residence. Addresses involved in child minding (professional or relatives) are excluded. Parents will be asked to provide documentary evidence to confirm an address and parental responsibility. It is expected that the applicant and pupil will still be resident at the same address when the child starts school unless exceptional circumstances apply.
4. Distance will be measured (in a straight line) from the front door of the child’s home address (including flats) to the main entrance of the school, using the Local Authority’s computerised measuring system, with those living closer to the school receiving the higher priority.
5. The sibling criteria operates across linked infant and junior schools as they are deemed as Primary Schools that provide primary education (section 5 of Education Act 1996) if at the time of admission their older sibling will be on roll of the Junior School or will transfer from Year 2 into the Junior School in the September.

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