School Council

At Darrick Wood Infant School we value the contribution of our children in all school matters. In order to ensure the pupil voice is heard the school elects a School Council, made up of a representative from each class. School Council Representatives are voted for through a democratic process. They meet regularly with the Assistant Head Teacher and have a say in how the school can be improved.

Year One and Two children are elected in the Autumn Term. The Reception children join the School Council in the Spring Term. Year Two Reps have the additional responsibility of representing Nursery children at School Council meetings.

This year the elected School Council Representatives are:

Rabbit: Beth and Oscar
Owl: Annabelle and Isla
Bat: Noah and Zekai
Fox: Isabella and Marisa
Squirrel: Henry and Poppy
Woodpecker: Honey and Hunter

Meeting Minutes

Meeting 1, 2019-2020

Meeting 2, 31st October 2019

Mrs Udo, Zekai, Noah, Beth, Oscar, Annabelle, Isla, Henry, Poppy, Hunter, Honey, Marisa and Isabelle


  1. Actions from last meeting
  2. Getting to know you game
  3. Choose alternative colour for badges
  4. Toy sale
  5. Foodbank Plus
  6. Lily Trust – Charity
  7. Discuss ideas collected
  8. Appoint chairs for upcoming meetings

Actions from last meeting

Teachers emailed regarding giving the children time to gather ideas from their peers.
Folders given to reps.
Ideas gathered from peers.
New badges ordered.
Photo of new reps on display.

Getting to know you game

The children played a team building game.

Choose alternative badges

The children voted again on which colour School Council badge they wanted to purchase.

Blue badge 6 votes
Green badge 3 votes
Yellow badge 3 votes

Toy sale

Total revenue from toy sale £90+

Foodbank Plus

Changes to Xmas donations. We will purchasing some items for Pupil Premium children which will be added to the hampers that Foodbank Plus are organising. Logistics are still being finalised.

Lily Trust

The remaining toys will be donated to the Lily Trust.

Appoint Chairs for upcoming meetings

Children to have the opportunity to chair meetings.

Mrs Rutter – Poppy and Annabelle

Mrs Rampton – Beth and Zekai

FODWIS – Isla and Honey

Discuss peer ideas

• Fix climbing frame and add to it or get a new one.
• Extra playtime if classes are good.
• Team building games during playtimes.
• More time for drawing and Art.
• Everyone to have an opportunity to go to lunch club.
• More whiteboard pens.
• More glue sticks.
• Class pets (fish, stick insects, tadpoles, butterflies).
• Children in Year 2 to be Midday Supervisor helpers.
• Bigger lunch trays for Year 2.
• Animal Handling for all children.
• Pond in the garden.
• More recycling
• Only use environmentally friendly supplies.

CLUBS: Music, Cricket, Craft, Reading and relaxing, Crazy golf, Choir, Lego, DT, Cooking, Tennis

Ways To Raise Money: Pyjama Day/own clothes Day, Cake sale

• Mrs Udo to order new badges
• Mrs Udo to continue liaising with Foodbank Plus
• Mrs Udo to contact Lily Trust
• Mrs Udo to organise meeting dates with Mrs Rampton, Mrs Rutter, FODWIS
• Meeting with Mrs Rampton – Beth and Zekai to chair
• Meeting with Mrs Rutter – Poppy and Annabelle to chair
• Meeting with FODWIS – Isla and Honey to chair.

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