Severe Weather Policy

Severe Weather and School Closure Policy

Download PDF – Severe Weather Policy

Reviewed: November 2017
Next Review due: November 2020

In the event of extreme weather conditions the following procedures will take place.
We will endeavour to keep school open, but if the weather should deteriorate and conditions become worse we may have to close in the interest of everyone’s safety.

School closure is not taken lightly and is only done after discussions with the Site Manager following a site safety review.

If the school is closed then our procedure for informing parents will be as follows:

  • A ParentMail will be sent to all registered users
  • The Website will be updated
  • A noticeboard will be in place at school if possible

Staff will be issued with a cascade list for communication in these events.

We ask that everyone takes care when coming to and leaving school. If necessary some pathways, entrances and exits will be closed. Signs will direct you to the safest pathway.

Please ensure your child has the correct clothing for school during the bad weather, i.e hat, scarf, gloves, coat and also a change of shoes if wearing wellington boots.

Where no updates have been provided parent

Download Severe Weather Policy

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